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Sara Gold

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Nothing is more valuable than your time, talent, and creativity. As an IP attorney, editor and journalist, I am passionate about protecting your intellectual property. With IP theft more rampant through the Internet and digital means, legal protection is more important now than ever. Whether it is a trademark for your business name and logo, or a copyright for your original artwork, written work or website, exploring intellectual property protection is an investment in yourself as an artist, creator, or business owner.

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“Sara is my go-to intellectual property attorney. She is extremely knowledgeable about the process, responsive and most importantly deeply cares about her work. Aside from her professionalism she is a deeply wonderful human being. I absolutely enjoy working with her and look forward to my continued business relationship.”

Omid Rejali

Founder, Lawper®


“Sara handled our trademark dispute with a level of care and attention that made us feel as though she was part of our team. Her approachability and professionalism made working with her super easy and incredibly productive.

Sara has a gift for breaking down complex IP topics into understandable terms, ensuring we were fully informed at every step, despite having no one with a legal background at our company. Her dedication and expertise led to a result we were very happy with, and I know if another IP issues arises, Sara will be my first call.”

Ted Dressdner

Founder, Fruitstand®

“Sara was a joy to work with! She’s personable, professional, and guided us through every step with ease. Thank you for helping us acquire three trademarks!”
Savannah Visser

Co-founder, The Cabin Boardshop

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